1. What is Tipsters Poll

Tipsters Poll is a powerful graph showing probability percentages for each match’s outcome. Home team’s win is represented in blue, draw in yellow, and away team’s win in orange.

This information becomes available for each match close to its starting time. It is the result of a tedious process where tips from top league experts are collected, analysed and combined. This is why the moment it appears in the app is not standard.

These are the common rules:

Match day (UTC) When Tipsters Poll is available (UTC)
Friday Same day at noon
Saturday Gradual appearance till Friday’s midnight
Sunday – Monday Gradual appearance till Saturday’s midnight
Tuesday Same day at noon
Wednesday – Thursday Gradual appearance till Tuesday’s midnight

We do our best to provide all Tipsters Poll the earliest possible.

tipsters Percentages for home team’s win (in blue), for draw (in yellow) and for away team’s win (in orange)
 My alt text  Match is locked for non subscibers
 My alt text  Tipsters Poll not available yet

2. What do filters mean in the [Leagues] section?

There are four different tabs used to filter the league matches appearing on the right of the screen:

[All] All leagues that are currently covered in the Bet Data app
[Active] Leagues who are in progress (current season has started)
[Today] Leagues for which at least one match is still to be played today (based on local time)
[Favourites] Leagues marked as favourites by the user

3. How do I mark a league as favourite?

You can mark a league by tapping on the star next to each league’s name under the [All] tab in the [Leagues] section

4. What do you mean as “Full Access” on Subscribe ?

The Bet Data app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Most of its content is available to everyone. Subscribers enjoy full access to all matches’ statistics and Tipsters’ Polls. “Locked” matches’ full statistics cannot be viewed by non-subscribers.

Users may subscribe once and the subscription will automatically be renewed unless it is cancelled before the renewal date.

There are three subscription packages: Weelky, Monthly, Quarterly.

An Apple ID is required in order to subscribe, which can also be created during the subscription process. The whole process is easy and safe, driven by Apple services.

5. What is the “Restore” button?

In “Subscribe now” under the Info section, there is the “Restore” button which can be useful in the following cases:

  • If you want to install the App’s iPhone and iPad versions using the same Apple ID.
  • If the App was deleted or something happened at your device.
  • If you bought a new device.

In all these cases you can restore/reactivate your current subscription by entering your Apple ID’s credentials, provided your subscription is active.

6. What is the “Rate us on App Store” button?

We tried to build a professional application to be a valuable tool for people who bet on football matches. Rating this job encourages us to continue improving it and enhancing it with new features.

In the Info section there is a “Rate us on App Store” button, leading to our app’s page in the App Store. Tap on “Reviews” and give us the five stars if you like our work.

7. Will there be any more Leagues or Cup competitions in the future?

The Bet Data app currently covers the most popular national and international leagues for bet players worldwide. More leagues as well as cup competitions will gradually be added in the future

8. Which match dates and times are displayed?

Match dates and times are based on user’s local time, taken from the device’s settings.

9. How are displayed odds calculated?

Odds are provided by Bet365, one of the leading betting operators, as a reference. They are periodically refreshed to reflect status updates as the match start dates approach.

10. Why there are matches with no odds displayed?

This means that odds for these matches are not available yet. They will be updated as soon as they become available

11. Which type of sort are available on Matches & Results

 My alt text   Sort Matches/Results by Country & League
 My alt text Sort Matches/Results by Date & Time
 My alt textMy alt textMy alt text  Sort Matches/Results by Tipsters Poll percentages of Home-Draw-Away
 My alt textMy alt textMy alt text  Sort Matches/Results by odds of Home (1) or Draw (X)  or Away (2)

On the second tap of the button the order is changed from ascending to descending and the opposite.

About Help

There is a “Help” icon on the top right corner of all screens of the App. By taping on it an explicit instructions panel appears, explaining all screen areas and links to other forms.


On the top right of the main Match Screen, there is a “share” button which publishes the visible content of the screen to the most popular social tools (Facebook, Twitter, etc + e-mail)


The application currently only supports the English language.

New features

The application will continuously be enhanced with new features. Please feel free to share any improvement ideas you may have with us, at services@talking-data.com

Latest news/Updates

You will be informed for additions/changes and new versions on the site of the application (www.bet-data.com) and via Twitter. Just follow us.


The application uses your device’s settings only.

Tipsters Poll

Powerfull Home-Draw-Away percentages bar.

  • Produced after analyzing and combining tips from 10 league experts
  • Matches with 100% home win prediction
  • Matches with 100% away win prediction
  • Matches with large draw possibilities
  • Big odds - big percentages alerts

Match Panorama

All the information you need to decide, for both teams.

  • Tipsters Poll for Home-Draw-Away
  • Odds for Home-Draw-Away
  • All league matches for each team
  • Head-to-head history record
  • Pie Charts for Win-Draw-Loss, Under-Over 2.5 goals and number of total goals

Study by league

Over 70 leagues from more than 45 countries worldwide

  • Upcoming matches with odds and tipsters polls
  • Recent results with odds and tipsters poll
  • Full standing table. Teams’ form table based on last 6 matches
  • Basic graphs, halftime/fulltime results and final scores distributions.

Browse next matches

Multiple match sorting options in ascending or descending order

  • By date & time
  • By league
  • By 1-X-2 tipsters poll percentages
  • By Home-Draw-Away odds

The recent results

Multiple results sorting options in ascending or descending order

  • By date & time
  • By league
  • By 1-X-2 tipsters poll percentages
  • By Home-Draw-Away odds

Match details

Finished matches reviews

  • Full time and half time scores
  • Goal minutes and scorers
  • Red cards minute and players
  • Match tipsters poll and odds

Full History

History record of matches between two teams

  • Statistics for all head-to-head matches as home and away
  • Statistics for all head-to-head matches in same order as upcoming match
  • Statistics for all head-to-head matches in reverse order than upcoming match
  • Pie Charts with history results for Under-Over 2.5 goals and number of total goals

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